New requirements for legality documents for wood products exports to Korea from 1 October 2018 – information from MPI

27 August 2018

From 1 October 2018, the Republic of Korea will require importers of specified wood products to submit documentation to Korea’s Customs agency to verify the legality of forestry products.

Trees for steep erosion prone land report released

7 August 2018

A report on alternative plantation forest species is now available on the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association website detailing the characteristics of a wide variety of tree species that are suited to steep erosion prone land and which have root structures that may better resist landsliding after harvest.

NZFFA welcomes new Government

26 October 2017

The New Zealand Farm Forestry Association welcomes the Labour/NZFirst/Greens coalition government and their commitment to plant 1 billion trees over the next ten years. It also welcome their plans to re-establish the New Zealand Forest Service, create an independent Climate Commission, and pass a Zero Carbon act.

New Government needs to take extra step for wood use

20 October 2017

The forest and wood processing industry says it is looking forward to greater use of timber in New Zealand with the coalition government now in place.

Observation on National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry

1 September 2017

The National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry was launched at the Beehive in August 2017.

Local government’s role has been integral in the whole of the eight-year development process.

ETS review may reduce forest planting while foresters wait for certainty

28 July 2017

Forest owners and wood processors say they appreciate the government needs to fine tune the Emissions Trading Scheme, but they believe present uncertainty in the ETS might lead to a reduction in forest planting, just when it needs to increase.

Timber an overlooked choice in quake zones

9 February 2017

It is indeed overdue for bodies such as Callaghan to look at developing technology for checking buildings after earthquakes.

Positive outlook for forest industry with strong domestic and export demand

22 December 2016

By David Porter NZ Herald

The outlook for forestry is looking significantly better than a year ago, when high log inventories in the key China market were raising concerns.