Ernslaw One buys Woodville sheep station

15 December 2015

Malaysian-owned forestry company Ernslaw One has been granted consent by the Overseas Investment Office to buy 1264-hectare Kumeroa Station near Woodville for $5.4 million.

Farming needs to come into the ETS

14 December 2015

Foresters say the Paris climate deal has cast a spotlight on New Zealand's poor tree replanting rate and the needs to fix it.  The deal struck last night in Paris involves 185 countries which have all pledged to reduce emissions over the course of this year.

Scope of work for forest owners grows

14 December 2015

Funds raised by forest growers for research and other industry activities are expected to total $7,620,000 in 2015, about $1 million more than budgeted. At the same time, administrative expenditure has been kept under tight control.

PEFC certification is here

11 December 2015

NZ plantation forest owners now have two options for getting their forests certified -- through the Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) or the incumbent Forest Stewardship Council.

Safer tree-falling tech going from NZ to BC

10 December 2015

The tables are about to be turned on logging contractors in British Columbia. After years of exporting logging equipment and technology to countries like New Zealand, there's been big change in forest harvesting down under. Kiwi loggers are set to show off their safe logging innovations on Canada's west coast in March 2016.

Forestry businesses form strategic alliance in Gisborne

7 December 2015

Forest investment company, Forest Enterprises, has formed a strategic alliance with Gisborne-based Logic Forest Solutions, a forest services company.

NZIF: Agriculture can reduce its GHG emissions

2 December 2015

The New Zealand Institute of Forestry suggests there are cost-effective technologies that agriculture can use to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions.

Ewing takes forest safety helm

1 December 2015

Getting people at all levels of the forest industry to think differently about how to create safe outcomes when working in a dynamic environment is a key objective of the new Forest Industry Safety Council (FISC).