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  • The Log Transport Safety Accord is available for download in the Agreements & Accords folder


pdf Log Transport Safety Improvement Plan - 2023-2024

pdf NZ Forest Road Engineering Manual - 2020

The FOA is strongly committed to assisting its members to achieve the highest standards of plantation forestry practice. This is reflected in the fully revised edition of the Road Engineering Manual first published in 1999 by the former Logging Industry Research Association (LIRA).  This 2020 edition is the result of a major rewrite of the 2012 version. It contains much needed erosion and sediment control guidance, introduces new materials and methods, and describes best practice construction techniques in line with current regulation and environmental requirements.

This PDF is 22MB to download, please contact FOA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like a higher-resolution copy (243MB) which will print with higher clarity.

pdf NZ Forest Road Engineering Manual (Operators Guide) - 2020

The companion publication to the Roading Manual.

This PDF is 10MB to download, please contact FOA This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like a higher-resolution copy (147MB) which will print with higher clarity.


pdf The Impact of Land Use on Pavement Wear (April 2017)

In 2016 the RCA Forum commissioned a study to quantify the impacts of land use patterns on pavement wear. This report uses the findings of two draft papers that were prepared as part of that study to develop a methodology for calculating the pavement wear implications of different land uses at the district level.

pdf Guidelines for equitable funding of pavement maintenance for low volume roads - July 2017

Guidance on setting equitable targeted or differential rates for funding pavement maintenance activities


pdf Analysis of Log Transport Operator Survey on 50MAX and HPMV Use - September 2017

Published September 2017 - TERNZ Report - The transportation group of the New Zealand Forest Owners Association (NZFOA) wish to get a better understanding of the factors influencing the rate of uptake of 50MAX and High Productivity Motor Vehicles (HPMVs) by the log transport sector.

pdf Analysis of Changes in Log Truck Fleet Size - 2013-2016 - May 2017

TERNZ Report - The analysis in this report covers the period from 2013-2016 inclusive and overlaps the most recent previous study by one year. The methodology used in this study is the same as that used in this most recent study with some additional analysis to determine HPMV numbers. Repeating the analysis for 2013 provides a check on the consistency of the data extraction process

pdf The Forest Roading Manual LIRO - January 1999

This manual is based on a comprehensive literature search of New Zealand and overseas information on unsealed and forest roads. New and innovative practices and procedures have been identified through consultation with roading engineers, supervisors and other associated personnel. The Forest Roading Manual covers all aspects of the planning, design, construction and maintenance of unsealed forest roads. It has been prepared for people who have only a limited civil engineering background.

The publication is not intended to replace any existing operational instructions in the various road construction agencies or forest companies. Rather, it is intended to fill a void by providing, in one document, information on well understood techniques as well as the latest developments and practices for unsealed roads.

During 2011 an updated manual will be published

pdf Log truck safety 0800 number - August 2001

Letter to association members from Chief Exexutive about new 0800 plates

pdf Forest Owners Public Responsibilities for Forestry Roads - December 2001

This publication was designed to provide information to forest owners on their legal responsibilities and obligations and on measures they can take to mitigate their exposure to possible prosecution in the event of a mishap occurring to a member of the public using a forestry road

pdf Frame report into district roading - September 2003

A review of issues relating to the use of district roads for the transportation of forest harvest. Report prepared by Frame Group Ltd for FOA

pdf Cleaner, Safer and More Efficient - October 2009

FOA Position Paper - Why heavier and longer trucks are needed on New Zealand roads