Folder Forest Conditioning Monitoring Project

Forest industry and Sustainable Farming Fund money has been invested over a threeyear period (ending June 2011) to develop a Forest Condition Monitoring system. The project evaluated the application of remote sensing technology, specifically LiDAR, and determined that at present the technology is not developed to the point where it can adequately replace visual assessment. However, continued effort is underway (outside the original project funding) to further develop the application of remote sensing technology and put the Forest Condition Monitoring system into operation.


pdf Field Data Collection Procedures - June 2011

FCM field procedures manual prepared for the NZ Forest Owners Association for use in post 2010 measures of forest condition monitoring surveys

pdf Forest Condition Monitoring Manual Update - June 2011

Interpine identified the planted forest portion of  the Ministry for the Environment national plot network, established to provide an inventory of carbon in New Zealand’s forests, as a suitable and practical sampling frame for the collection of FCM data. Interpine recorded FCM indicators on 190 plots concurrently with their carbon measurements during the winter of 2010

pdf Investigating the potential relationship between the FCM measures and LiDAR - March 2011

The objectives of this study were to summarise the crown condition assessment data collected during the 2010 FCM survey and to process and extract metrics from the LiDAR dataset which was obtained for FCM plots. Once this data was collated the aim of this project was to investigate relationships between crown condition and LiDAR metrics and attempt to build predictive models for crown condition base on LiDAR data.

pdf Investigation of Measurement Variability in FCM indicators

Interpine were commissioned to carry out an experimental field trial with the aim of understanding the sources of variability in visual assessment of crown condition indicators by Interpine's field teams. 755 tree assessments were made across 18 plots by three operators following an experimental design aimed to control sources of variability wherever possible.
teams. 755 tree assessments were made across 18 plots by three operators following an
experimental design aimed to control sources of variability wherever possible.

pdf Analysis and Interpretation of the 2010 FCM Dataset - May 2011

In 2010 Interpine Forestry Limited measured forest condition indicators in 190 plots across New Zealand on behalf of the New Zealand Forest Owners Association. The aim of the measurement is to provide a national survey which can detect changes in the condition of the national radiata estate in New Zealand. In accordance with procedures in other parts of the world crown condition as assessed through transparency and defoliation is used as the primary indicator for tree health and vigour. This document provides a presentation and interpretation of the data collected in 2010. Specific reference is given to identifying geographical patterns, rather than temporal patterns in the data, as no time series data is available yet. A methodology for correcting for the effect of changing age structure in the national estate is described and a correlation analysis trend analysis is undertaken to look for explanatory patterns in the condition dataset based on independently acquired spatially specific data.

pdf FCM Cost Model - January 2011

FCM and Inventory Measurement Times

pdf Operational Costing Model for FCM - January 2011

Interpine has developed a cost model for the measurement of FCM variables in New Zealand radiata pine forests. The model is based on FCM variable measurement time studies performed during January 2011, and from historical time studies performed by Interpine on inventory.

pdf NZ FCM Program Summary Report - October 2010

Interpine Forestry Limited (Interpine) carried out the first measurement in the national Forest Condition Monitoring (FCM) Programme on behalf of the New Zealand Forest Owners Association (FOA). Data collection took place between the 5th May and the 30th August 2010 and was carried out at all sites measured as part of the planted forest carbon measurement survey on behalf of the Ministry for the Environment (MfE).

pdf Milestone 5 FCM data collection in LUCAS Plot Network - August 2010

This document is a progress report on the collection of forest condition monitoring (FCM) data from the pre 1990 LUCAS exotic forest plot network. This work was undertaken by Interpine Forestry Limited (Interpine) on behalf of the New Zealand Forest Owners’ Association as part of the development of an FCM. This report relates specifically to Milestone 5 - the implementation of FCM techniques into the NZ LUCAS measurement programme.

pdf Field Data Collection Procedures - June 2010

FCM field procedures manual prepared for the NZ Forest Owners Association for use in the 2010 CMS Planted Forest survey

pdf Sampling Strategy for a New Zealand Forest Condition Monitoring Program - April 2010

The New Zealand Forest Owner’s Association engaged Interpine Forestry Ltd to determine an appropriate sampling strategy for the forest condition monitoring of New Zealand exotic forests. The monitoring systems discussed in this report relate predominantly to crown condition attributes as key indicators of forest health

pdf Forest health assessments and relationship with volume increment and LiDAR - June 2009

The specific objectives of this report are to: 1) summarize the crown transparency and needle retention scores acquired by experienced assessors, and compare the needle retention scores with those obtained earlier by LUCAS field teams, 2) examine the usefulness of crown transparency, needle retention, and LiDAR metrics for predicting spatial variation in stem volume growth rate; and 3) Discuss the potential to monitor tree health attributes over time, including the use of repeated LiDAR measurements - P. N. Beets, L. S. Bulman and S. H. Pearce

pdf Relationships between leaf area, growth, tree health attributes, and LiDAR - April 2008

The objectives of this report were to assess the usefulness of crown transparency and needle retention as indicators of leaf area and growth; and to test whether these crown attributes can be assessed remotely using LiDAR, and to relate these attributes with measures of productivity.- P.N. Beets, L.S. Bulman and S.H. Pearce

pdf Development of criteria - March 2008

The objective of this study is to review and discuss criteria used to estimate forest health condition, with particular reference to New Zealand conditions - L Bulman

pdf SFF Milestone 1a - August 2008

Soil Quality Indicators For Forest Condition Monitoring - The New Zealand Forest Owners Association (FOA) is committed to measures to maintain and improve forest condition. The need to consider the forest condition is a requirement at a number of management scales including; forest (Principles for Commercial Forest management in NZ, Forest Stewardship Council); regional (Resource Management Act); national (State of the Environmment); and international (Montreal Process and Santiago Declaration, Forest Stewardship Council). This report forms part of a project funded by the Sustainable Farming Fund (SFF) which examines measures of sustainability and productivity of New Zealand Forests. This report corresponds to Milestone 1a of the SFF proposal

pdf FCM Report - Final - August 2011

Forest Condition Monitoring End of Project Report to FOA Executive and the Sustainable Farming Fund