Ngai Tahu claim reflects bad treatment of pre-1990 forest owners

2 Sept 2008

Forest owners say the decision of Ngai Tahu to apply to have its Treaty of Waitangi settlement reconsidered, highlights the huge losses sustained by owners of pre-1990 forests under the government’s emissions trading scheme (ETS).

Forest owners welcome Nat policy

24 Sept 2008

The NZ Forest Owners Association has welcomed the release of National’s forestry policy for the 2008 General Election and said the party has listened to forest grower submissions.

Forest drug & alcohol code launched

17 Oct 2008

Workers in the forest industry – from bosses through to the newest recruits – can expect to become involved in workplace drug and alcohol testing in the next 12 months.

Anderton’s stand against illegal logging backed by forest owners

3 Nov 2008

A government plan to require all lumber and wood products made from kwila to carry labels verifying that they come from legally-logged forests is strongly supported by the NZ Forest Owners Association.

Forest owners seek international help to fix Kyoto

6 Nov 2008

New Zealand plantation forest owners are working closely with their overseas counterparts to make carbon forestry a more practical proposition.

Forest industry seeks urgent talks on ETS

24 Nov 2008

Forest owners are seeking an urgent meeting with government ministers to discuss the impact of the freezing of the emission trading scheme (ETS).

NZ helps win international support for role of Kyoto forests

11 Dec 2008

New Zealand and other southern hemisphere countries have won international support for the development of new climate change rules that will allow forestry to make a big contribution to fighting climate change.

Greenpeace furniture ratings backed by forest owners

19 Dec 2008

New Zealand-grown wood is well-suited for use in decking, outdoor furniture and joinery, and comes from legal and sustainable sources, says the NZ Forest Owners Association.
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