Greek fire tragedy could be repeated here

4 Sep 2007

Fire tragedies, such as those in Greece and four years ago in Canberra, have been blamed on the failings of city-based central fire services. Rural fire experts say a similar tragedy could occur in New Zealand if internal affairs minister Rick Barker goes ahead with a plan to centralise fire services.

Forest owners welcome new carbon market

5 Sep 2007

Forest owners have welcomed the establishment by TradeMe of a carbon trading market backed by a robust registry which ensures buyers and sellers can be confident about who owns the emission units being traded.

Green groups and foresters join forces on climate change

19 Sep 2007

Major environmental and forest industry groups are calling for the government to adopt climate change policies that are fair, efficient and apply to all industries. This follows a decision to reaffirm the 1991 Forest Accord and to extend it to include climate change.

Inaction on water plan reflects farmer inaction

15 Oct 2007

Forest owners have complimented senior MAF official Paul Reynolds for his candid remark that the government’s Water Programme of Action was a “programme of inaction”.

Forest owners lift long running ban on government officials

26 Oct 2007

The NZ Forest Owners Association has lifted its ban on government officials entering privately owned forests to measure how much carbon dioxide our trees are taking out of the air. About half the weight of dry wood is carbon.

Green groups and foresters call for effective and fair climate policies

30 Oct 2007

Major environmental groups and forest owners have joined forces to call for stronger climate change policies that introduce a price on all greenhouse gases in all sectors without delay, that are fairer across the sectors and that protect indigenous biodiversity and natural carbon stores.

Need for national RMA debate endorsed

21 Nov 2007

Forest owners have endorsed a call by Federated Farmers for a national debate about the Resource Management Act. NZFOA president Peter Berg says the Act is the cornerstone of New Zealand’s environmental legislation and it needs to be made to work better.

Big benefits from bigger trucks

6 Dec 2007

Forest owners have welcomed the Cabinet decision to investigate whether heavier vehicles should be allowed to use selected roads and highways.

Anderton thanked for spray defence

12 Dec 2007

The NZ Forest Owners Association has thanked forestry minister Jim Anderton for his defence of the painted apple moth and the Asian gypsy moth eradication programmes.

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