Folder Agreements & Accords

This category contains the Memorandum of Understanding between FOA, FFA and Federated Farmers, signed on 19 November 2013, to develop general guidance to assist in managing relationships between forest owners/managers (Forest Managers) and their farming neighbours (Farmers), to promote co-operation and constructive neighbourly relations


pdf Plantation Forestry Rural Fire Control Charter

This charter was signed by FOA, FFA, Te Uru Rakau New Zealand Forest Service and FENZ - August 2021. 

pdf New Zealand Log Transport Safety Accord 2021

This Accord was signed in February 2021 and is the latest version of the New Zealand Log Transport Safety Accord.  (This Accord supersedes the 2008 version).

pdf Memorandum of Understanding - Forestry Sector and Transpower January 2018

FOA, FFA af FICA signed this MOU with Transpower in May 2018 to provide a basis for an on-going relationship. The aim of the MOU is to:

  • foster and strengthen a proactive and sustainable working relationship between Transpower and the Forestry Sector;
  • promote safety where forestry is near Transpower’s lines to ensure compliance with health and safety requirements;
  • minimise the risks posed by trees to Transpower’s lines and by Transpower’s lines to trees; and
  • improve cooperation and coordination of works to ensure both Transpower and the Forestry Sector can operate effectively together.

pdf Agreement to Grant an Easement - Powerlines

This attached DRAFT agreement is intended to serve as a framework for negotiations with lines companies over granting an easement. The document is a draft that has not been formally signed by FOA, Transpower or other lines companies. It is intended as a guide only to ensure forest owners interests are protected. Land owners are urged to get independent legal advice before negotiating specific terms for individual sites.

pdf Eliminating Illegal Forest Products in New Zealand

The organisations that signed the statement were: the Ecologic Foundation, Environment & Conservation Organisations of New Zealand (ECO), Greenpeace Aotearoa New Zealand, NZ Forest Owners Association, NZ Farm Forestry Association, NZ Pine Manufacturers Association, Royal Forest and Bird Protection Society, Sustainable Energy Forum, Wood Processors Association of New Zealand and WWF New Zealand

pdf NZ Forest Accord

Agreement between forestry interests and the environment and conservation organistions that made up the New Zealand Rainforest coalition.

pdf Memorandum of Understanding - FOA, FFA and Federated Farmers -

The purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding between the New Zealand Forest Owners Association (FOA), the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association (NZFFA) and Federated Farmers of New Zealand (Federated Farmers) is to develop general guidance to assist in managing relationships between forest owners/managers (Forest Managers) and their farming neighbours (Farmers), to promote co-operation and constructive neighbourly relations.

While this Memorandum of Understanding formalizes the relationship between the parties, the FOA, NZFFA and Federated Farmers acknowledge that it is not legally binding and has no legal effect.

It is agreed as a guiding principle that timely communication is the key to good neighbourly relations, thus enabling the parties to plan well ahead for good outcomes when dealing with operations that may impact on any party's land or business.

pdf Climate Change Accord

The Forest Accord was a landmark document when it was signed in 1990, putting an end to years of hostility between forest owners on one hand, and conservationists and outdoor recreation interests on the other. In 2007 the principles of the Accord were reaffirmed in a new Accord addressing climate change. This was signed by representatives of conservation and outdoor recreation groups and the forest industry.

pdf Log Transport Safety Accord - 2001

This Accord is between the New Zealand Forest Owners Association, Road Transport Forum New Zealand, Log Transport Safety Council, and the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association, and was signed by all parties on 20 September 2001. (Superseded August 2008)

pdf Principles for Commercial Plantation Forest Management in New Zealand

To promote understanding between the signatory parties with a view to New Zealand achieving environmental excellence in plantation forest management and participating as an effective advocate internationally for the sustainable management of plantation forests and the protection, preservation, and sustainable management of natural forests. These principles are complementary to the New Zealand Forest Accord (August 1991).

pdf Forest Accord 10 Year Anniversary

This publication was created and released in conjunction with the 10 Year Anniversary of the signing of the New Zealand Forest Accord

pdf Log Transport Safety Accord

Log truck operators and forest owners on 7 August 2008 signed an updated Log Transport Safety Accord designed to further improve the safety of all road users. Since the accord was first signed in 2001 there has been a 65% reduction in log truck crashes, and a 75% reduction in rollover crashes, during a time of rapid growth in the logging industry. The Accord has been updated with the aim of reducing the rollover crash rate even further.