Andrew McEwen honoured for services to forestry

11 January 2016

Andrew McEwen, immediate past president of the New Zealand Institute of Forestry (NZIF), received an Officer of the Order of Merit in the New Year Honours list for his services to forestry.

"Andrew has worked tirelessly to promote the benefits of forestry for all of New Zealand," says NZIF president James Treadwell.

"Throughout his career Andrew has informed and promoted the direct and wider benefits of all forms of forestry. He has long championed the need for better scientific understanding and professional management of the role of forestry, whether for conservation and biodiversity values of native forests, or as plantation-sourced climate friendly and renewable fuel, packaging or building materials.

"Andrew contributed to the improvement of sustainable forest management as a research team leader at the Forest Research Institute and helped in the development of a formal sale and purchase process for the Crown's forests and the development of the Crown Forestry License process.

"Andrew helped establish and currently chairs the New Zealand Institute of Forestry Foundation, which is responsible for the funding of forestry awards and programmes which improve our understanding of the benefits of forestry."

Mr Treadwell says NZIF is very proud of Andrew and all he has done for the forest sector.  His honour recognises the importance of forest to the nation.

"NZIF has been promoting the benefits of forestry for New Zealand for many years, and often it seems the message falls on deaf ears. Therefore this recognition is pleasing to see and I hope more people will be recognised for their role in this very important sector.

"Foresters have the skills and ability to save the planet through the planting of more forests and the protection and improvement of our current native estate and Andrew has promoted this message throughout his career."

Source: NZIF media release. For more information, contact James Treadwell, President, NZ Institute of Forestry, Tel 022 043 4511