Forest industry preparing for back to work

 6 April 2020

Forest industry organisations are planning how to get back to work when restrictions on non-essential work are lifted for the industry.

Forest industry says working with government is vital to lead recovery after COVID-19 epidemic

20 March 2020

The Forest Owners Association says it’s working closely with government in making sure that relief packages for forestry workers will both look after the workers and also speed economic recovery when the almost inevitable New Zealand COVID-19 epidemic is over.

More wood use in New Zealand would help environment and reduce market pressure in China

26 February 2020

The Forest Owners Association says the government should be looking at more wood use in New Zealand, which would have environment and trade benefits.

Wharves in China can’t take more logs from New Zealand

25 February 2020

Lack of space in Chinese ports is bringing a virtual halt to New Zealand log exports to China.

New Zealand forest owners wary of closing access risk in Chinese market

4 February 2020: New Zealand log exporters are bracing themselves for supply chain problems in China due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

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