National Environmental Standard a step up and forward for plantation forestry

7 August 2017

Forest Owners say the introduction of a National Environmental Standard for Plantation Forestry is vitally needed for better environmental outcomes.

No need for delay in forest planting

11 May 2017

Forest owners are saying the government needs to get extra forest planting under way and not wait until next year for a report to be presented on climate change.

Forest Owners want Vivid Economics Report implemented

22 March 2017

The Forest Owners Association says policy makers must decide soon on which option to adopt from the just released Vivid report recommending various scenarios for making New Zealand carbon neutral.

New Zealand forest industry important nationally, regionally and environmentally – NZIER Report

21 March 2017

A report on the plantation forest industry has highlighted its value to national and regional economies, as well as forestry's beneficial effect on New Zealand's ecology. The NZIER Report was commissioned by the New Zealand Forest Owners Association and Farm Forestry Association.

Forest Owners urge farmers to plant more trees

22 February 2017

Forest Owners say the new Federated Farmers' policy on climate change is a major step to help farmers understand trees are not an alternative to farming, but rather trees are tools to assist farming's survivability.

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