Forest owners still happy to help Hodgson

17 Jun 2005

Their carbon credits have been nationalised and investment in new plantings has almost dried up. But forest owners are still willing to talk to the government they say is causing their industry so much harm.

Kyoto officials face forest lock-out

29 Jun 2005

The NZ Forest Owners Association is suggesting to its members that they refuse entry to government officials intending to set up carbon monitoring plots in private forests.

Well-built houses don't leak

13 Jul 2005

The forest industry is concerned that the debate over T1.2 treated timber is shifting focus away from the real cause of leaky building problems — design and building standards.

Forest owners say floods reduced by trees

25 Jul 2005

Forest owners say downstream damage and siltation during the recent Coromandel floods would have been much worse if there had been fewer pine plantations in the hills. 

Major parties need to embrace trees

26 Jul 2005

Forest owners are welcoming NZ First and United Future policies which call for an increase in government-funded tree planting schemes.

New wood processor group welcomed

9 Sep 2005

The launch of the Wood Processors Association is seen by forest owners as an important step in the evolution of the forest industry.

Land owners seek right to control sambar deer

4 Oct 2005

Forest owners and farmers on the North Island’s west coast between Waverley and Otaki want the right to control sambar deer on their land.

Forest industry urges tariff action in Hong Kong

15 Dec 2005

Representatives of the global forest industry have told Ministers in Hong Kong that freer trade in forest products would be good for business, good for development and good for the environment.

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