FOA Media Releases 2023

21 September 2023  

Cost recovery bill of more than $14 million a year another kneecap for forestry.

29 August 2023  

New Forest Owners chief executive looking to forestry as sustainable keystone of bioeconomy.

30 August 2023  

Forest Owners say judgment legitimises council's abuse of minority ratepayers and wants law change.

14 August 2023  

Forest Owners say planting increase is positive for the environment.

The Forest Owners Association says an expansion of new forest planting in 2021, highlighted in a new report, is positive news for carbon capture ambitions.

26 July 2023  

ETS reset a positive step towards net-zero.

The Forest Owners Association says the government’s reset of the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) auction settings will stabilise the carbon market and set New Zealand on a positive trajectory to achieve its net-zero target by 2050.

19 July 2023  

Court decision backs the need for forestry in combatting climate change

The Forest Owners Association says the successful judicial review of the workings of the Emissions Trading Scheme shows government attitudes and actions are jeopardising New Zealand reaching its greenhouse gas reduction goals.

7 July 2023  

SNA regulations 'confusing ecological naivety'

Forest Owners say the just released National Policy Statement on Indigenous Biodiversity (NPSIB) is a classic bureaucratic formula of confusing ecological naivety which will not help rare species and likely have an opposite effect.

20 June 2023  

Foresters need positive signals in ETS reform


The Forest Owners Association (FOA) says the just announced reform options for revising the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) will cause a shortfall of plantation forests for sequestering carbon in New Zealand and make meeting our 2050 emissions target impossible.

14 June 2023  

Planting restrictions will thwart foresters' choice and trash climate change targets


Labour’s commitment to tighten the rules around farm-to-forestry conversions will thwart land owners' choice on where they can plant trees and mean that Aotearoa New Zealand will fail to reach its climate change target by 2050. 

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