FOA Media Releases 2022

14 November 2022  

EDS claims unfounded and should know better

The President of the Forest Owners Association says that once again the commercial forest industry is having to point to its science based environmental credentials to organisations such as the Environmental Defence Society which Grant Dodson says  should know better.

12 October 2022

Foresters ask James Shaw if the government wants more trees or not

Foresters are saying a suggestion by Climate Change Minister James Shaw to centralise buying carbon credits in central government, and decoupling the Emissions Trading Scheme from forestry, is a message that trees are irrelevant to fighting climate change.

6 October 2022

Biogenic methane issue ‘alarming’ but forestry helps

The Forest Owners Association says the highlighting of biogenic methane discharges, in a report just issued by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, is alarming and urgently calls for forest planting solutions to buy New Zealand time.

13 September 2022  

Wooden cities key to cutting worldwide carbon emissions to combat climate change.

The Forest Owners Association President is predicting massive increases in the worldwide demand for engineered timber construction.

1 September 2022

Forestry Transformation Plan could be ‘game changer’ for New Zealand economy and for combating climate change

The Forest Owners Association says the Forestry and Wood Processing Industry Transformation Plan has the potential to drive New Zealand’s biggest step yet to increase domestic value-add to forest products.

Forest Owners say native trees are nice but won’t solve the Climate Emergency

The Forest Owners Association says the just released Emissions Reduction Plan is a welcome and unprecedented blueprint for reducing New Zealand’s gross emissions.

30 June 2022

Federated Farmers struggling with both the law and arithmetic

The Forest Owners Association says Federated Farmers have got their sums wrong on the rate of forest planting and don’t understand the law on overseas investment either.

A ‘smart spade’ which identifies exactly where to plant a tree seedling is just one of the new technologies in the seven-year $25.5 million Precision Silviculture development project.

28 April 2022

Please refer to the EDN decision FAQ document provided by STIMBR for answers to common queries relating to the EPA’s 5 April 2022 decision approving EDN for use in NZ.



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