How can you Participate

To make comment on the Draft Standard you must register with the Consultative Forum (see below).

How can you participate?

There are two options to formally participate in the standard development process:

  1. Contact a member SDG (see SDG membership and contacts) from the appropriate Chamber to register your interest and discuss issues, or
  2. Register with the Consultative Forum through the process below.

Consultative Forum

In accordance with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) procedures the NZ Standard Development Group would like to invite all interested parties to register as members of the Consultative Forum.

 To be eligible for the Consultative Forum you must provide your full name, contact details and the capacity in which you are commenting.  All other comments shall be considered as informal comments. Informal comments will only be responded to in so far as capacity allows.

 All comments (formal or informal) should be attributed, and will be considered as being publicly available, unless the contributor explicitly requests that the comments should be treated confidentially. Anonymous comments shall not be considered.

Participation in the Consultative Forum can be done by registering using the Consultative Forum Registration Form - download in .doc format or .pdf format

Feedback on the Draft Standard must be made on the Consultative Forum Feedback Form (download in .doc format or .pdf format) before 5pm on Friday 19 November 2010. Please note you must register with Consultative Forum to be eligible to make formal comments on the Standard.