GIA - forest nurseries consultation

Consultation regarding proposal to include forest nurseries as part of the forestry sector signatory to the Government Industry Agreement partnership


This document is to inform and consult with forest owners/managers regarding the proposal to include forest nurseries with forest growers in the GIA Deed. FOA has set out the rationale and benefits for including forest nurseries and seeks views on support or opposition to the proposal by end January 2018

What is the GIA Deed?

The GIA is a new approach for managing readiness and response to unwanted organisms and will see the opportunity for all primary industries to be more involved in the decision-making on what response to take but also being required to share the cost of such responses.

Under GIA, Signatories share the decision-making, responsibilities and costs of preparing for – and responding to – biosecurity incursions. By working in partnership, industry and government can achieve better biosecurity outcomes. The GIA website has more information and the list of current signatories.

FOA signed the Deed on 5 November 2015 and was one of the earliest signatories. FOA has a memorandum of understanding between FOA and the Farm Forestry Association (FFA) that means both organisations and members jointly represent the forestry sector.

What are the benefits of being a Deed Signatory?

The ability to sit at the decision-making table is the key benefit to the forestry sector and allows us to work in partnership with government on any biosecurity readiness activities or responses that could affect commercial plantation forestry in New Zealand.

In the two years since FOA signed the Deed there have been a number of biosecurity incursions that could affect commercial plantation forest species. Our partnership with MPI has meant that we have been able to influence and discuss the responses to these incursions.

Why are forest nurseries proposed to be part of the forestry sector under GIA?

When the Deed was first signed, FOA/FFA determined that it was too complex to bring the forest nurseries (represented by the Forest Nursery Growers Association FNGA) in under the forestry sector, as there were a number of issues to work through, and because it was considered important to sign-up when FOA did to take advantage of various early-adopter incentives it was decided to resolve those issues at a later date. Over the past two years these issues have been worked through and all parties see benefits in now including forest nurseries as part of the sector for the purpose of GIA.

The aim is for one industry voice on the GIA partnership, working together for the same goals. And in practice, many of the forest nurseries tree-stocks are owned by forest growers, so there is already a close relationship between the parties. The amalgamated forest nurseries and forest growers will work together towards the same biosecurity goals.

FOA and the Forest Nursery Growers Association (FNGA) have drafted an MOU to work through the relationship in regard to the GIA partnership, which is proposed to be signed at the same time as the nurseries are accepted into the GIA Deed.

What is the proposed process?

FOA and FNGA are jointly preparing a Mandate Application, which will be submitted to the Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) when consultation with the forestry sector is complete. MPI and the Minister will consider our application to include forest nurseries in the GIA under the forestry sector signatory. The aim is to have the Deed application approved by MPI in the first quarter of 2018.

Concurrently, FOA is also consulting with the sector on a Biosecurity Act levy on seedlings and cuttings that would be used to fund biosecurity responses in the event of an incursion. This is a separate consultation process and FOA will keep the forestry sector informed on the process and options being considered.

We would like to hear from you

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about this proposed inclusion of forest nurseries in the forestry sector GIA Deed with FOA and FFA by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We would like to know if you support or oppose the proposal, and any issues or concerns you have, as well as any comments, so we can include these in the Mandate Application.

The deadline for comments is Friday 8 June 2018.

Venise Comfort- Analyst, FOA, 04 473 4769, 027 530 4443