Labour: Zero tolerance for forestry accidents a must

31 October 2014

The government must adopt a zero tolerance approach to workplace accidents in the forestry sector to stop people being killed, Labour's forestry spokesperson Chris Hipkins says.

Pest research takes pressure off ports

17 October 2014

Some of the tight scheduling pressures around log exports for ports and log marshalling companies have been eased, thanks to research that shows that fumigated logs are not reinfested by pests as quickly as once thought.

Stump to Pump is technically feasible

10 October 2014

The Stump to Pump PGP programme, led by commercial partners Norske Skog Tasman and Z Energy, has concluded that it is technically feasible to produce transport biofuels from radiata pine forest waste. The technology involved has not been disclosed and is confidential to the programme partners.

Victim's father now forest safety champion

2 October 2014

Many of the audience shed tears as Wiremu Edmonds spoke about the loss of his son at the Federation of Maori Authorities' annual meeting on Saturday. Robert Epapara, the eldest of Mr Edmonds' five children, was killed in a forestry accident near Lake Rotoiti on March 26 last year.

Northern iwi forest owners to work together

1 October 2014

Maori forest owners from throughout Northland will meet in Moerewa on Friday to discuss how they might work more closely together to get the best for their people out of their forest resources

Feds RMA backtrack criticised by EDS

11 September 2014

The Election Manifesto released today by Federated Farmers contains an "extremely disappointing and self-serving policy wish-list," says the Environmental Defence Society

Taxpayer rewards farm polluters

4 September 2014

A National Party promise to spend $200 million of taxpayers and ratepayers money to buy streamside land on dirty dairy farms has been described as a disgrace by the New Zealand Institute of Forestry.

Research begins into safer forest roads

The University of Canterbury is to launch a new research project to make sure New Zealand's new forestry roads are safe and are established with minimal environmental impact.

National will resurrect AGS

29 August 2014

National's Forestry Spokesperson, Jo Goodhew, has today announced a re-elected National-led Government will invest $22.5 million over five years to further encourage and support the planting of new forests.