China interest in New Zealand forest and timber processing investment

18 September 2018

The largest ever New Zealand forest industry delegation to China's showcase Global Wood Trade Conference has made the case for more investment in New Zealand forestry and timber processing.

Productivity Commission Report heralds massive land conversion to forestry

4 September 2018

Forest owners say the Productivity Commission’s call for up to 2.8 million hectares of land to be turned into forests as a carbon sink would require implementing the most ambitious land-use change project a New Zealand government has ever set itself.

Emissions Trading Scheme revisions timely and necessary for climate change goals

14 August 2018

Forest owners are calling the proposed revisions to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) both timely and necessary if New Zealand is to hope to meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets.

Forest owners vow to deal with forest harvest slash

28 June 2018

Forest Owners say the industry is focused on measures to make sure a repeat of the recent floods transporting harvest debris out of forests and into Tolaga Bay isn’t repeated 25 years from now.

NZ Forest industry progresses with Overseas Investment Act amendments

20 June 2018

Forest Owners say the government’s announcement that the Overseas Investment Act would be amended to cut out red tape is a very positive signal to potential investors.

Forest industry reputation damaged by mobilisation of forest harvest residues

28 May 2018

The successful prosecution of a forest management company by the Marlborough District Council has been endorsed by the Forest Owners Association.

Advisory group has the right mix for huge land use challenge

11 May 2018

The Forest Owners Association President Peter Weir says Shane Jones’ just announced Advisory group has the right mix of forest industry background and experience to take the industry forward into potentially vast expansion in the decades ahead.

Forest industry backing judgment against forest companies

24 April 2018

Forest industry associations are supporting penalties imposed in the District Court against Bay of Plenty forest owner Whitikau Holdings and two harvesting contractors.

Climate Change Panel a good first step

19 April 2018

Forest Owners says the just announced appointment of an Interim Climate Change Panel is a good first step towards setting up a Climate Change Commission.

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