ForestWood 2018

Industry conferences
21 March 2018
Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa

ollowing the spectacular success of ForestWood 2016, the combined forestry and wood products industry is coming together to surpass it in March with ForestWood 2018.

Woodco is pleased to once again support the conference jointly between the Wood Processors and Manufacturers Association, NZ Forest Owners Association, and Forest Industry Contractors Association.

The pan-industry conference in 2018 will be devoted to a review of the industry’s progress against its vision for the future. An industry plan to achieve greater investment and improved returns was put together in 2012 and contained a number of recommendations. This is the opportunity to reflect on how we have performed and what still needs to happen. The timing coincides with where the curve for industry’s potential pathway will need to start diverging from the business-as-usual pathway and so is tailor made. It is the chance to determine the most appropriate priorities, and a blueprint, for the coming years. If you are part of this industry you need to help set the agenda. From markets and products, through investment hurdles and government support, to the way industry organises itself, the conference will be all-encompassing. It will bring all parts of the value-chain together for a common collaborative effort and provide a unique networking opportunity.

ForestWood is the only opportunity to participate in a whole-of-industry conference and will be an event not to be missed.